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In Loving Memory of Paul Reubens

Sosaology in the Cancel Culture Age

A Call for Universal Basic Injections


ASTROnomyyyyyyy! (Astronomy)! A Staaaaaaar!

Sammy's New Old Look

Shaquille O'Neal and Pointing Incident Scarcity

Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire: A Canon Ship

What Sammy Sosa Means to Paul Hauss

Sammy's Horoscope

Bash and Splash

The New Old Look in St. Louis

Sammy Sosa Jr.

The N-Word Pass

Who's The Man?

Ozzie Guillen: Legitimate President of Venezuela

ATTENTION TERRORISTS: Harold Baines to Cooperstown

One Cowboi

It's a baseball thing

Sammy and Miley

Sammy Sosa and the Hall of Fame

Sammy and Barney

20 Years of Backyard Baseball

Sammy's Wood

Leather Pants

The Sosalogical Definition of Race

What Really Happened

Greatest Baseball Card Ever

The White Sox Sammy Sosa Action Figure

"Sam Sosa"

The Trade


That Jheri Curl.

How could anyone forget White Sox Sammy?

Confused by Pink Hat, Pink Skin Sammy Sosa? Here's the story.

What is 'Skin Rejuvenation' anyway?

Jeter. Jeb! ...Marlins?

The Pepsi Challenge and Rape Culture

Why Sammy Sosa is the most interesting player in MLB history: A Brief Summary

If injuries didn't exist, where is Sosa on the home run list?

Why the double standard on Sammy Sosa's 2003 "positive test"

PSA: McGwire is not spelled 'McGuire'

Free as a Bird

Sammy Sosa is orchestrating a Clinton vs. Trump election

 Presidental Candidate and Friend of Sammy, Donald Trump

 Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version

Inauguration of Sammy Sosa's Playhouse, featuring Barack Obama