Sammy Sosa's Playhouse

How could anyone forget White Sox Sammy?

Written by Paul Hauss- July 14, 2017

Yesterday the White Sox made a trade to send ace Jose Quintana to the Cubs. This deal surprised people for many reasons because the White Sox are infamous for refusing to do business with the Cubs. Certainly a lot of that old pattern had something to do with Jerry Reinsdorf's inferiority complex, but that is only accentuated by the salt (as them cool kids say these days) accumulated from the trade in which the Sox traded young Sammy Sosa to the Cubs for an aging George Bell. You bring this up to younger people or casual who may only know glimpses of Sammy-mania as the face of the Chicago Cubs, and many people are surprised to hear that Sosa was once a member of the White Sox. We here at the Playhouse could never forget Sammy's short tenure on the South Side, as many of our favorite Sammy moments actually came in the white and black pinstripes. Well, a lot of them actually came in red and blue with a C on the cap, but that was also the White Sox uniform for a while before the current black and whites. Something something Reinsdorf inferiority complex. So, in honor of the first blockbuster deal between across the Red Line since the trade which shipped Sosa for Bell (with apologies to our good friends at Neal Cotts' Cottage), the Playhouse will be looking back at our favorite moments of Sammy Sosa White Sox lore. Not to be confused with Sammy Sosa White Man lore, of which we also have our favorite moments, but we'll save that for when it's more topical, like once the emotional finale of Prince Fielder's upcoming cooking show rolls around and Cecil Fielder bleaches his skin so he can attempt to bond with his son without being recognized. Oh shit, we didn't just spoil the show, did we? Anyway, here's one of the most 90s pictures of Sammy you'll ever see. Ken Griffey Jr. be damned, Sammy Sosa on the Sox was the largest epitome of "TOTALLY TUBULAR 90s DUDE" you could find in major league baseball. The angle and lighting of this baseball card actually makes Sammy's infamously awkward teenage mustache look slightly like actual facial hair. Slightly.