Sammy Sosa's Playhouse

Inauguration of Sammy Sosa's Playhouse, featuring Barack Obama

Written by Paul Hauss - February 25, 2016

Here at Sammy Sosa's Playhouse, we do things with style. Specifically, it's yellow sweaters with which we express our stylish senses. That's why we are proud to inaugurate ourselves (because, in true Sammy fashion, we're bloody egotists) with the holy grail of the SammyVerse. Anyone who has enjoyed Sammy Sosa's social media presence would have, with completely sensible justification, murdered to access what The Playhouse is here to offer you. That's right, the first ever high(ish) resolution image JUST of Sammy Sosa and President Obama, as made famous in the background of Sammy's Pinterest page.

Let's rock and fucking roll.