Sammy Sosa's Playhouse

It's a baseball thing.

Written by Paul Hauss- January 12, 2018

Sammy Sosa believes in a good education for our children. Not everyone does. Some people, most notably the policy makers in the American government, believe schools should only be funded through standardized test scores that alienate children from a curriculum they can engage to. As a result of these No Child Left Behind policies, many schoolboards lower their standards in hopes of getting funding, i.e., they teach children how to pass a test with low standards instead of how to learn the material. 

That's not how Sammy thinks education ought to be.

Take this photo for instance. Sammy believes that every child should have help if they need it in learning material, so in case the pictured child unsure what Sammy was holding, he decided to use his shirt to make it explicitly clear that it is a baseball thing in his hands. However, Sammy is not just giving the kid the answer. As we know, there are numerous baseball things — baseball bats, baseball gloves, baseball bases, baseball caps, baseball players, baseball testosterone injections, baseball fields, baseball helmets, etc. — but Sammy does not tell the kid what specific baseball thing is in his hands. We know it is a baseball baseball, but that kid is going to have to learn that for himself, as he ought to.