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PSA: McGwire is not spelled 'McGuire'

Written by Paul Hauss - January 6, 2017

Why the fuck do so many people spell McGwire wrong? This is the guy who helped save baseball, why are so many supposed baseball fans incapable of spelling his last name? Were you dorks too busy rioting in Indonesia to read any damn newspaper headline in 1998? Jesus fucking Christ, the man hits 70 goddamn moonshots and you idiots don't even know his name. I don't care if you keep up with every WAR Tim Salmon starts or whenever Justin Thompson xDIPs his hard contact into BJ Upton or whatever it is you guys talk about, if you can't spell Mark McGwire, you aren't a baseball fan. And until you start smashing a fucking dong every 10.61 at-bats, I won't bother spelling your name right either.