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Written by Paul Hauss- September 9, 2017

Anyone who watched a lot of ESPN during the mid-2000s was surely exposed to the classic anti-steroid PSA which showed a football, basketball, volleyball, and a baseball all deflating as the narrator warns the viewer of the dangers of performance enhancing drugs. The first thing any sports fan will note about this PSA's premise is that baseballs are not inflated and hence cannot deflate, no matter how hard Tom Brady might like to try. The second thing you'll notice is that the main focus of the main side effect the PSA is warning you about is the shrinking of male testicles, as the narrator concludes the commercial with "not to mention something else [steroids] can do to a guy's body". Yup, they know the thing you'll care about the most is your balls. 

Of course, nobody makes fun of anyone for minuscule testicles, it is a small penis that is the source of ridicule among men. Because of that, the telephone effect has affected the national conversation about steroids and created the misconception that steroids actually shrink your penis instead of your balls. 

Sammy's here to debunk that once and for all.