Sammy Sosa's Playhouse

That Jheri Curl.

Written by Paul Hauss- July 15, 2017

For those who missed it, the Playhouse is celebrating the first major trade between the Cubs and White Sox since Sammy Sosa was traded for George Bell by commemorating our favorite moments and minutia from Sammy's iconic tenure with the Chicago White Sox.

The most famous instance of a black man bleaching his skin white belongs to none other than Michael Jackson, but Sammy Sosa, despite not undergoing a full medical bleaching procedure like Chicago's second favorite MJ, is undoubtedly number 2 on that illustrious inventory of illuminating integuments. However, while most people would categorize bleached skin as the centerpiece of Sammy Sosa's and Michael Jackson's venn diagram, Sammy's short-lived White Sox career was highlighted by one more parallel to the King of Pop: Sammy's jheri curl. 

Sammy's rocked numerous hairdos over the years, and while the jheri curl may not be the absolute favorite of this touched typist, the glory of each spiraling sensation atop Sammy's slammin scalp waxes a certain 80s nostalgic itch whose cockles I typically lack the opportunity to properly quell. That is to say, Sammy Sosa's jheri curl is a sight which can only truly be appreciated under the moonlight. As the classy kinks of his curls look you right between the eyes and stop your heart, you realize you've been paralyzed. 

'Cause this is thriller.