Sammy Sosa's Playhouse

Who's The Man?

Written by Paul Hauss- April 9, 2019

History was made last Sunday at Wrestlemania 35, which was the first WWE pay-per-view of its sort to have a women's match in the main event. The victor of the historic match Becky Lynch, who at one point based her character around steampunk and puns — steam puns, if you will indulge in our affinity for portmanteaus holding greater priority than your tired Simpsons references — now it around her identity as "The Man". Sammy Sosa's Playhouse is a progressive organization and will not question her gender identity, but we feel obligated to note that Stone Cold Steve Austin is not the only icon of 1998 to whom Ms. Lynch owes creative debts.

Perhaps Becky misinterpreted Sammy's babyface promo from 98 where he said "Mark [McGwire] is the man the United States, I am the man in the Dominican Republic" as permission for there being multiple The Men, but we see this misinterpretation as yet another indicator of how far as society we have fallen with our distrust of scholarly institutions. While your Facebook feed was getting bombarded with fake news and anonymous letter Q's, The Playhouse rejected your alternative facts and went to the same place as the Cat in the Hat. That's right, we went to the children's section of our local library, and what we found cannot be disputed.

As per Laura Driscoll's classic Level 3 book, "Sammy Sosa: He's The Man", we can only conclude that Sammy Sosa is, in fact, the sole owner of the title, The Man. Take a look, Becky, it's in a book. A book featuring photos AND illustrations. 

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