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Adam Jones Talk 
March 23, 2020
Adam Jones good friend for Jay, friend for all Oriole. Adam Jones play Oriole lots years, play good Oriole more good all Oriole? Maybe. Adam Jones good. No play Oriole now. Adam Jones play Orix Buffalo. Oriole Jones Japan Buffalo. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Adam Jones talk computer interview, red computer question thing. Friend ask Adam Jones question. Jay no ask question. Jay no red thing computer, Jay make own computer Oriole fun. Adam Jones no talk much. Talk Adam come America home, play baseball manager. Oriole Manager? Adam Jones no say. Now Adam Jones play Japan. Adam talk SABRmetric, talk maybe good maybe bad. Talk favorite baseball time. No favorite baseball time, Jones talk, talk favorite friends family favorite baseball. Jay and Adam Jones friends favorite! Yes. Adam know Tool guitar man Adam Jones. No same Adam Jones, both friends. Jay also understand tool, Jay break nut with rock, stick catch termite tool Jay use. Adam talk wrestling, talk Stone Cold favorite Rock favorite Mankind. Jay know Stone Cold! Stone Cold Steve Stone scare Jay. Jay like throw play rock. Mankind mean gibbons. Gibbons, monkeys win world. Planet of the Apes fun. Person talk Adam Buck Showalter, Adam talk dog emotions. Have emotions, get dog, talk Adam. Jay no undertand Adam. Jay like dog, fuzzy warm, play fun. Adam no understand Japan language, Adam no read signs. Jay understand signs. Jay teach Adam American Sign Language!

Adam play Japan baseball Orix Buffalo. Japan baseball plany empty park no fans watch baseball, play baseball no fans. Adam play no fans Oriole, play White Sox no fans 2015 fun. Adam do good empty fans, full fans, all fans, Adam good baseball, Good friend Adam Jones.


No baseball? Movie fun! 
March 18, 2020
No baseball season now, no baseball March April June. Maybe more. Season no play people sick lots. Lots people sick bad. Sick sick. No touch, clean hand, no. No baseball no fun, like baseball fun Jay like. Jay like other fun also! Jay like movie Planet of the Apes! Jay talk story movie, talk you story from movie, no baseball. Jay like old Planet of the Apes favorite, Jay also like new Planet of the Apes. Rise of the Planet of the Apes has sick bad humans. Human mean to apes. Apes follow human. Apes love peace Earth, humans love hate mean mean. Apes more smart, human no understand ape smart. Ape rise attack mean human. Human get sick Simain Flu lots people die. Less human, more apes. Human blame sick to apes, truth secret human fault bad sick. No different who human blame. Human get sick, get die, apes grow. Apes win. Fun movie! No watch baseball, watch movie Planet of the Apes! Fun!


August 10, 2019

Jay no like baseball today. Bad bad bad bad. No fun. Opposite fun. Bad baseball. Bad Oriole. Bad Astro. No.


Chris Davis fight Brandon Hyde? NO! 
August 7, 2019
Why Oriole friend no happy? Chris Davis try fight manager Brandon Hyde dugout today baseball versus Yankee. Hyde speak word Davis no like, Chris no want talk, Chris want fight. Oriole lose lots runs versus Yankees, Chris sad lose baseball? Maybe. Jay no like Oriole fight. Jay like Oriole baseball.

After baseball Brandon Hyde speak conference. Hyde say no worry, still friends Chris Davis. Jay think Chris Davis say sorry. Jay happy all Oriole still friend. Fight very scary.


Trade Tomorrow? 
July 30, 2019
Last trade day tomorrow. Jay sad sad. Jay hear source say friend Trey Mancini trade maybe happen. Astro, Ranger, Ray all want Trey. Jay no want Astro Ranger Ray Trey. Jay want friend Trey be Oriole Trey.

Some want Oriole rebuild. Oriole do rebuild. Are rebuild. Trey good baseball. Trey young, 27 years, be good baseball long time. Rebuild with Trey! Everbody win. No trade friend. Jay no want friend leave. Jay tell friend Jorge Bush, tell Ranger no take Trey.


Long Long Baseball Anaheim 
July 26, 2019
Fun Aneheim baseball, long long baseball. Too long baseball. Jay need sleep. Jay watch baseball no sleep, need sleep no baseball.

Friend Eshelman relieve Jimmy Yacabonis inning 3. Jimmy no good throw. Eshelman good throw baseball. Best baseball throw whole career Eshelman. Jay watch Eshelman 4 innings, good innings, 4 hits 1 run, 1 walk. Good baseball. Eshelman leave baseball inning 7, give 1 run Kole Calhoun inning 7. Pitcher duel before Eshelman leave Baltimore, Jose Suarez leave Anaheim. No pitcher duel after Eshelman suarez leave. Oriole bullpen bad. Angels bad bullpen. Bad bullpen battle no fun, no good baseball.

Oriole rally take back win runs 8th inning 9th inning , Oriole rally Trey Mancini home run friend. Good Oriole friend! No Oriole good bottom 9th, Angel Brian Goodwin pinch hit home run tie game. Game extra innings no good Oriole. Bad Angel.

Oriole Angel both no very good, no run happen extra innings. Run happen inning 15, no before inning 15. Oriole score 3, weird infield, bad bad bullpen lose lead bottom inning.

Friend Jonathan Villar home run inning 16, take back win. Problem no protect lead, no relief pitcher left. Use all relief pitcher extra innings. 4am need sleep very sleepy. 4am baseball Outfielder Stevie Wilkerson pitch, no pitcher left, need Outfielder. Freind Stevie save game, Oriole win! Good Baseball! No position player save baseball before Stevie. Stevie first save. Congratulations Stevie! Jay sleep now.


Mike Mussina Famous Hall 
July 25, 2019
Mike Mussina Famous Hall. Congratulations friend Mussina happy Moose. Moose throw good good baseball Oriole Yankee. Win lots game. 270 wins. Best Oriole pitcher? Jay no know. Jim Palmer more good Oriole, Moose more good everywhere. Big antler fun.

Oriole no good many year Moose an Oriole. Good 1997, no good other year. Moose Oriole 9 year, 1991 2000. Win most pitcher American League time 1991 2000. Roger Clemens more WAR, Moose more good everyone no Roger Clemens WAR. Moose more wins 147, Roger Clemens win 147. Very close. Moose more antler, Rocket scary danger bad bad throw bat no.

That when Moose Oriole, whole Career Moose still good good. Whole career 1991 2008 Moose more good any American League pitcher. More win 270, More WAR 81, most inning.

Moose 2013 first ballot no win Famous Hall. Moose Famous Hall 2019. Why long wait? Moose good like any Famous Hall pitcher. Moose no steriod. Whole career 1990s 2000s, no pitcher good like Moose but Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez. All Famous Hall one year, no wait like Moose wait. Roger Clemens good too Roger Clemens steroids. Moose no steroids. Moose more good John Smoltz Famous Hall one vote, play 1990s 2000s like Moose. BBWAA bias bad bad Moose good good. Moose no win playoff Oriole bad. Yankee no win World Series Moose there. Yankee win before Moose, Yankee win after Moose, Yankee no win Moose there. If Yankee win Moose there, Famous Hall love Moose more. No fair. Moose no Cy Young. Moose win Cy Young, Famous Hall love Moose more. Stupid bad bad bad Famous Hall. Bias!

Moose retire 2008. Moose old 2008, 39 year old. Moose win 20 baseball, ERA 3.37. 39 year old. Moose retire. Yankee win 2009. Moose bad luck. No good time. Moose no win Cy Young. Moose play time with Pedro win Cy Young, Roger Clemens win Cy Young, Randy Johnson win Cy Young. One Cy Young season, no 2 pitcher one season. If 2 pitcher one season, Moose win. Context context context context. Moose more good you think. Jay know context Moose good.

Moose finally Famous Hall happy Moose. Happy Jay! Happy Friends! Happy Playhouse! Happy Oriole! Happy Yankee! Happy Baseball Fun! Bye Friends!


No Wojo no-no. Oriole Win! 
July 21, 2019
Fun baseball Baltimore. Wojo throw no-no 7 innings. Red Sox hit 7 innings 1 hit, no hit after. No hit before! Oriole win wojo Good Baseball throw. Oriole hit friends Mancini Chris Davis very good score score. Five Zero Orioles. Jay happy Wojo new Friend winner!


Oriole lose National, Oriole win National 
July 18, 2019
National first baseball sad. Bad baseball, Oriole lose game. Hanser Alberto hit home run very fun! National hit home run, hit more home run than Oriole. Juan Soto, Matt Adams, very sad. National more runs number 8.

National second game fun! Oriole win game! Win game many runs number nine! Five runs inning eight! Trey Mancini, Jonathon Villar, Salamander score! Oriole no play today, Oriole win yesterday! No lose series, series two games no can lose win one.


Adley Interview 
June 26, 2019
Hi friends! Best friend Albert interview Adley Rutschman! Adley new Oriole Number One! Catcher Oregon! Jay hold Albert computer, post here! Interview fun! Adley new friend! Click page, read interview!



Welcome Friends!  
June 16, 2019
My name Jay. Me gibbon. Jay type computer baseball. Jay love Oriole. Jay love baseball. Jay help friend Albert computer. Albert best friend. Albert love baseball, love baseball no type. Albert live at jail, very sad. Jay type all Oriole Computer Fun. Sammy Sosa Playhouse give Jay page. Page mine. Albert help page no type. Jay type all.

Jay post future. Jay now welcome new friends! Fun!