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James McCann Takes No Shit

Written by Stone Cold Steve Stone - June 26, 2019

All Star Voting ends tomorrow. If you're not voting for James McCann as the American League's starting catcher, you can kiss my ass. 

All you gotta do is look at the motherfucker's stat-card to see he's the best catcher in the American League right now, but today against the Other Sox James McCann proved he's the toughest S.O.B. in the A.L. too.

 It's the top of the third, James McCann is up to bat, he's already got an RBI today, and what does the sumbitch do? He fouls a ball right into the home plate umpire's wrist. Ball had to be 90 miles per hour. That wasn't no graze. That was no flush. That was an assertion of James McCann's authority against the home plate umpire.

McCann has some stupidly high defensive wins above whatever-it-is because he goes out of his way to show just who in the sam-hell home plate belongs to, and it ain't Blue. It don't matter to James McCann that he's batting, he's just got that much control over the game no matter where he is on the diamond.

So the umprie wanders around like the little baby he is, kissing up to the Boston doctors, and James McCann is still up to bat. What does the motherfucker do on the first pitch after the whiny ump got over his little ass? He cracks a fucking dinger right over the green monster and puts the Sox up 4 to 2. Just when you thought he'd cool off, he gives ya the stunner.We wound up winning the damn game.

Stone Cold Steve Stone can see when someone can ball and James McCann can ball, but James McCann earned himself my respect by showing the umpire who's boss, and then kicking him while he's down. James McCann better be the damn starting catcher on the All-Star team when I wake up tomorrow at 3pm cenrral, and that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold Steve Stone said so.