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Lessons from Colorado

Scribed by Steve Goatman - June 16, 2019

 The Cubs opened the week losing two out of three in Colorado. Do not confuse my Satanism for pessimism - the Cubs performed many positive actions. Yu Darvish continued his redemption saga in the face of those who wish him nothing but anguish with six quality innings in Game 1. The Cubs' blowout victory in Game 3 was contributed to by  all members of the team. To depend on the charity of everyone leads to consistent offesne, as we learned from the 1935 Cubs team, who had five hitters with OPS exceeding .840.

I must express my disappointment in the spirit of players and fans in this series. We saw horrible pain exchanged across side, as fans cheered for projectile damage. When shall mankind learn to indulge themselves in greater pleasures than the harm of their peers? Javier Baez understands the value of productive indulgence and let it be known through his home run. Maximizing your self-worth will deflate the soul of your opponent far more than the highest heat to the body.